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Xenocide (The Ender Quintet #3)

XenocideEnder Wiggin. This name concluded so much to me. When I took on the series about Ender, I thought it was about a boy and his adventure books for eight. Some kind of space Harry Potter. Yes, there it was. I fell in love with his not boy, not child’s mind even when he led his first game. Then were Talking. And there Ender appeared before me as an incongruous balance of humanism and ability to kill.

As well as to understand, to forgive, to analyze, to create. I have admired. And went for the “Xenocide“. Looking ahead, I will say that now I’m afraid so rash to rush to the “Children of the mind.” In Xenocide the passions strong for my nervous system had gone into Overdrive. Somewhere in the middle of the book I was shaking from anger, resentment, and sincerely wish all the Ribeira family death. When his long-suffering wife nicknamed Ender son of a bitch and other unflattering words at me like a bone, shuts off the flow of poison somewhere deep in the larynx clearly snapped. It was in the fourth hour of the night. I’m talking about?

Xenocid” – Ender sixty or so. And he’s already twenty-five years as lives on Luizitanii. Where it is not good for him to plunge into the Ribeira family. He opened it, fell in love, “propecianizoralah”, all shelves were placed, solved all the problems… In some ephemeral moment. And what is the result? It is filled with these endless human suffering, hysterics, intolerance… He did not become such in any way. He just absorbed all the grief. And, like a true man, do not let it out, and left inside to rot. I think he is already dying.

In which dwelt novena, which is absolutely not going to understand what miracle fell on her head, she continued to suffer no matter what. A true feat. What did he say? And he loved her. That’s where “love” becomes a noun. Type “are You loved? = What are you, retarded?”. I understand that everything is logical and well-built by the author, not to undermine. But the direction of the book, which can be called “a family Saga of Ender” upset me. I’m afraid to read further. I feel that he will die, never having tasted happiness. I have the impression from the books that he just endlessly walking on fire somewhere in hell. The stronger one is, the harder it is tested. But I feel his suffering almost physically. The book is certainly a plus. Way.

So, now to the homegrown the Chinese, professing an amazing fusion of ancient religions with an emphasis in Taoism. They began hindering the process of reading the link. But apparently, I was harder on them, because I am most worried and tormented – Ender, what is it Ender? Show Ender. However, in the Preface, the author writes about how diligently I worked on this novel, the center of which was ordered to become Chinese. This novel by and large has become more complex than the previous two. From book to book Orson Card goes for more deep and hard to understand keys.

Most likely, it is necessary to savor the second and third reading. On the first story are interested in more than the abundance of eloquence, wisdom and thoughts in the Chinese part. Sometimes, frankly, infuriated. Especially the obstinacy of the fanatics. Then the persistence of a single fanatic. With Qing-Zhao is clearly something wrong. Another point. Catholicism. Author pious, devout but reasonable. This gives hope that in this world all is not lost. I mean, he even did not bring Catholicism into the white light, and Tao in black, what could be expected. The author knows a lot about religion. And very well sets it apart from faith. I even caught a hint of mockery of the rituals and all… the Situation is a stalemate. Imagine another planet where the piggies live people that produce sperm trees, insectoid humanoids, the Portuguese community is constantly mutating virus…. And on top of all this mess the Catholic Church.

With priests and bishops, all right. Which periodically pilgrimage to baptize the pig, roughly. I’d laugh if the Holy water Squirting Queen of the hive. But in this situation everyone can Express themselves to the maximum. There is no black and white. All krapinku. Than bribe the novels about Ender. The fact that the core conflict and not a conflict at all. Point of view. The author constantly shifts the angle of the view, and the shadows change. It keeps the tension. It is humane in a strong, fair sense of the word. It didn’t feel “cheesy” nowhere and never. I think the novel is worth reading for everyone. Another question – when. Everyone has their own time.