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Windhaven Harbor Winds – a world consisting of many Islands in the ever-stormy ocean. There is a calm here (and hence wind) – a phenomenon so rare that no one knows how it looks. And yet it is a world where communication between Islands is possible only by boats and on the wings.

Native wings are called flyers. Once upon a time on this planet has wrecked the ships of Zvezdoleta from the Ground. Their descendants of metal left from the destroyed ships, and made wings. And since the wings are passed down in families flyers from previous media of the wings – male or female – to the eldest child this baby for 13 years.

On the island Amberley lives a drifter named Race, who for many years had no children, he adopted the orphaned daughter of a fisherman Maris, from childhood dreams to the sky. And Maris was stunning Letoonia. She was supposed to inherit the wings Race, but Koll was born, and he’s about to turn thirteen… And Koll afraid of the sky, winds and storms, and more than anything he wants to be just allowed to write and sing his own songs, and Maris, replaced his dead mother in childbirth, he sees Letonia. But tradition is tradition, Maurice got to give wings.

The book is about a strong woman, about the romance of flight. You go up in the air, along with Maris and feel the wings of the storm.