Warm Bodies: A Novel ebook epub/mobi/fb2/pdf download for Kindle, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, PC, e-Reader. Author: Isaac Marion

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Warm Bodies: A Novel

Warm Bodies A Novel

Warm Bodies A Novel

Zombie least favorite kind of evil, regularly eating vegetables lovingly cultivated in my Sims kitchen garden, and generally gray-green color just goes. But zombie Apocalypse, alas, can not do without zombies nikah, so everywhere heard distinct rustle “Brains”, and no pea will not help you. Because you’re the zombie.

Though zombies around, but even among them there are not like everyone else and it’s suddenly R, a Charmer with a sense of humor, who decided that the food can be friends, and after one of the hunting expeditions brought home a girl who doesn’t like it. On the love and other pleasures — no, well, Cho, vampire werewolves girlfriends got, and zombies worse? The same ghoul, well, maybe whiff a bit, but true love on the ruins of a civilization that doesn’t matter.

Marion’s novel is not only good in itself, it still very gracefully pushes the boundaries of such a complex genre as dystopia, all the fundamental principles are passed through the prism of our generation.

In General, the whole novel is one very trending, popular story. Judge for yourself, the main trends:

1) the Author. A young blogger who writes on highly social and political topics. In his childhood he wrote a couple of tales that many years later, found in the vast us Internet crafty agent.. Familiar story? American literary dream-a new simple and working PR technology. They’re shooting. I’ll get the sequel. And so on.

2) Subjects. Genre, which firmly embarked back on its feet roughly a half-century ago, delicately and imperceptibly goes on its peak. Number of media product confidently is catching up with vampire history, although by the quality of still difficult to compare. Vampires already have Twilight, zombies have brad pitt in a zombie movie. And do not forget about the very popular game “Left 4 Dead”, where the kits are so needed, so necessary..

3) the World. Raise your eyes now from the computer and look at your colleagues. Your boss. To the people around you. All seemed to hint at that..

4) Zombies.