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War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy«War and Peace» by Leo Tolstoy one of the most famous works of Russian literature. The novel is epic, which wins the hearts and souls of its readers. Countess Rostova presents a kind woman and loving mother. However, the eldest daughter does not like “Faith,’ said the Countess, turning to her eldest daughter obviously hated; And who is she out? thought the Countess.” Can be a Belief and therefore become cold and unpleasant, because they did not receive in childhood, no love, no attention.

The mother not only does not repent, but refers to her as a stranger. But as the Countess unfair to Sonya! Refers to her angrily, with a constant reproach. “The Countess summoned Sonya, and with cruelty, which is not expected neither one nor the other, the Countess, reproached her niece in luring the son, and of ingratitude”; never missed a single case for offensive or cruel hint of Sonya”. Fully condoned the destruction of the family, “the Countess loving heart felt that her children ruined that count not guilty, that he may not be the way he is, that he suffers (though hiding it)”.

Count Rostov. A pussy, a fool and a spendthrift. “The course of life were the same, without which one could not count the Countess to imagine life. The same was more Nicholas hunt, the same fifty horses and fifteen of the coachmen in the stables, the same expensive presents at the birthday gala, to all the County dinners; the same count’s whist and Boston, for which he, spreading like a fan, all kind of cards, give yourself every day in the hundreds to beat neighbours; It is only when this case very much remembered that if the case wasn’t upset, it was impossible for Nicholas to wish for a better wife than Sonya; and that is guilty in disorder of cases only one he and his Mitenko and your irresistible habits”. He realizes that he is living wrong, but to correct their mistakes doesn’t.

Natasha Rostova. Favorite heroine of Tolstoy. The first time Rostov appears in the novel, when she’s 13. Quite old ladies of the early 19th century. However, she behaves like a little kid: running around, screaming, pulling guests for the dress, plays with dolls. Very spoiled, not serious, not intelligent, selfish. Can’t be alone, can’t find it often boring, all its actions depend on the mood. There are no words “have to.” “Natasha was ashamed of doing nothing in the house, while everyone was so busy, and she several times in the morning, I was trying to work; but her soul is not lying to this matter; but she could not and did not know how to do something heartily, not with all his forces; Petya and Natasha on the contrary, not only helped parents, but for the most part everyone in the house bored and bothered”.

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