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Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair by William ThackerayIt’s a miracle that books are sometimes good, and we run past them day after day. But the magician-the author is just waiting to deploy in front of you their dilapidated stage and release on stage the trembling with impatience heroes…

In the theatre, Thackeray called “Vanity Fair” of the characters is amazing. And here’s the important thing: with the final act, you remember everyone. So entertaining is the fate of new acquaintances. Perhaps the main actress in our production will be Rebecca sharp-the daughter of the artist and artist, cunning and quirky as it is in the pan, gifted and, of course, attractive. When I think about Becky, I can’t help but smile at myself. After all, at first this girl, who threw the dictionary into the gates of the abandoned Alma mater, can only cause a smile.

In this unsophisticated impulse there is both a feeling and a character – all that her companion Emilia does not have. However, as the story unfolds, this impulse and not the best feeling give not a smile, but a genuine feeling of disgust. Obviously, in the beginning Rebecca’s behavior is dictated by circumstances, but later, looking at the defeated army of men’s hearts, which our heroine reserves, you know – it’s in character.

The fact is that Becky does not need the love of a single person, she needs the recognition of society, and for this she is ready for anything, even to sacrifice her reputation. If only this mad world spun and spun around it. This contrast of perception is invariably preserved when getting acquainted with each character of our literary show. Take, for example, Emilia. It seems completely colorless in the first chapters of the volume, and the author does not hide his opinion: Emilia – a simpleton, hardly deserving at least half of the attention paid to miss sharp.

Only as we move to the climax and the onset of hard times in the family of saddles are still found in the nature of Emmy paint. Here only hardly these shades are nice to me. How many tears were shed by cute Emilia in the beginning of the story! She is never stingy on the emotions. The breakup of the engagement forces her to cry every hour, making her person the center of attention. She is humiliated in front of the sisters Osborne and strongly perceives the signs of attention from those who are truly road, at a time when the family is ruined, the father withdraws into himself and only once-venerable mother of the family is able to maintain balance.

Not the most beautiful step. And one me Emily this moment reminded Mrs Bennet of notorious works of Jane Austen? To suffer in sight and seek attention and comfort when the situation is heated to the limit… It does not mean that our heroine is extremely capricious and selfish. Does whims not her prerogative, but focus exclusively on the personal misfortune at this critical moment, Emilia does not paint. She is naive as a bright day and is able to feed all sincere love and affection. For the good of her dear person, she is sometimes ready to sacrifice herself. No matter whether sweetheart is a girlfriend from boarding school, the beloved, obviously neglecting her, or a son, a need which is obvious. And therefore it would be necessary to have her sympathy… Only the heart of the Emilia is very selective and not able to see the participation of the poor Dobbin.

You can try to justify her love for Georgie, loyalty, but, hell, one note, one note and love is forgotten, the angel is overthrown from the wall, and Emilia already understands that in vain so bitterly treated the major. The difference between Becky and Emilia is easy to measure by love. The overabundance of it in one leads to sighs, nervous breakdowns and faints, while the complete absence of the ability to love the other contributes to a very hypocritical attacks. And believe me, much more interesting to watch Becky climbing the top of mount Olympus, than Emilia, which, under the pretext of tormenting your admirer and faithful friend. Frankly, I hardly found a favorite in Thackeray’s novel. With the course of history, I often changed my mind: I admired the courage of George Osborne, who decided on an unequal marriage; I thought that his death on the battlefield-almost one of the most anticipated events for me; I was surprised by Rodon Crawley, who made an incredible leap from a complete scoundrel and the player to a gently loving father; disgust wrinkled nose from the insinuations of Crawley, dreaming about the death of old rich girl Matilda… But do you like someone? But who am I lying to?.. I loved, of course, major Dobbin. It was hard not to love and not to go next to the venerable hero of the familiar path of indifference to complete affection.

Yes, William is simple and unsophisticated. Yes, at first his exaltation of Emilia is unclear and a little ridiculous… but later, when Dobbin not in words, but in fact confirms a good reputation, you realize that slowly the major takes a respectable place in your heart. Remember talking about determined men who know what they want from life? William is one of those. Here only the subject of his passion not nice to me. And to tell you the truth, I’d be a lot happier if, like Rhett Butler, he shut the door behind him quietly and disappeared into the fog. Thackeray endows our hero’s hard-won happiness. Whether we like it or not. However, it does not turn its large-scale action into a sugary and far-fetched story. The author does not teach and does not claim the victory of good over evil. But because the baby is Becky’s just continuing the game, wag the tail and finally punishing dude and the bouncer Crowley.