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Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher StoweIn the center of the story – the story of several heroes along the way a lot of them will have to face: to gain friends and enemies, get help where you least expect it, to be one step away from death. The characters are very diverse: among the slaves, and among gentlemen there are people with completely different views of the world.

How humbly perceiving all the changes in his life. George, who decided to fight for his family until the last drop of blood. Saint-Clair, has recognized the injustice of slavery, capable of noble deeds, but are too passive to consciously come to grips. Legree, cashing in on the situation.

In General, among the heroes of a lot of paired images: precocious intelligent Eva and topsy rebellious, straight-forward Tom Loker and slippery Merks; heartbroken Lucy and finding hope Cassie, indulgent Augustin Saint-Clair and principled Ophelia. Each of them has its own history, each has its own voice, but the Central place belongs, of course, uncle Tom. This is a man of amazing mental strength and perseverance, people do not lose dignity in any situation.

It is impossible not to feel sympathy for him, many readers admit that they cried when they read about a farewell Breakfast with Tom’s family about the charges in the path, which probably will not return. It is terrible when a person loses hope just to see your child, hug your family.

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