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TwilightThe book “Twilight” lightning knocks the reader off his feet and pounds until he lost consciousness. First there was the blow on the head: ninety-year-old vampire goes to school… No, not guessing, not to taste the blood of American students. Even centuries-old vampires, sometimes I want to sit at a Desk, look through a microscope at the roots of onion, write off control… Cool, do not say anything.

Then there was a sturdy hook in the vampire student and still a virgin, for ninety years, the poor guy met his “soulmate”, the one that, you can be sure that timidly sit behind his Desk and will blush, shyly tugging a pigtail. Then there was the uppercut. A few dozen pages Maier mocked and Bella, and the reader with a mystery: vampires are not afraid of sunlight but never go in clear weather. Why? “You’ll understand when you see me in the bright light,” it is tragic he whispered, casting vague guesses with the face of the protagonist of “Tales from the crypt”. So one morning, having decided that Edward took her high into the mountains, and there, deep in the forest, she saw his face in the bright sunlight… And she saw…

Saw that in the sun the skin of a vampire shines like the zillions of trillions of clean as a tear baby, diamonds. Touché… And the beginning was quite good. American high school romance, nostalgia and all that created a very pleasant and promising attitude, “come on, come on”. Then the tragedy occurred: Bella fell in love. Fifty times on the page, Meyer began writing about how divinely handsome Edward, using cliches like “God Apollo,” etc., describing what he has stunning amber eyes, and what a lovely skin, what a heavenly voice and what a perfect face, seeing which, we can safely sum up the life outcomes and to put on white Slippers.

At the sight of Edward’s Bela “shaking hands”, “legs gave way” and generally happens protracted and incessant orgasm. When they first kissed, Bella fainted. When they kissed a second time, Bella’s heart stopped beating (and this is not a figure of speech). Here Meyer and sent me down drowning in the vast ocean of pink snot, bismarckiana exclusively to twelve-year-old girl dived head first and screaming with delight, cut through its waves crawl and breaststroke; however, the book suddenly acquired a broader range of readers…