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Trumps of Doom (Chronicles of Amber, No. 6)

Trumps of Doom (Chronicles of Amber, No. 6)The first story of Merlin and could not help comparing it with the first story Corvina (the more that the author himself creates a similar situation), and for me, the comparison came out, alas, not in the direction of his son.

Merlin didn’t like Corvina, and it’s really cool! And maybe my attitude would be somewhat different if I read the book a little earlier… but it is what it is.

In fact, I even really liked until such time as Merlin went to see a secret well-wisher: it was interesting to watch as Merlin tried to understand the situation in which he drove around, and understand what is going on. Unlike Corwin, he did not grow up in a family, in which the day cannot end if no one has pointright against the next of kin, and imposes on the glance Merlin’s special imprint. And Merlin was careful, tried to analyze the situation, everything was fine.

And then he relaxed. His sudden “love” to the girl who he just saw, no comment at all, totally unacceptable, when you chase a stranger killer, you know much more than you told me, and in General it is not clear whether it is possible to trust. Credulity is, of course, nice quality, purity of the soul and mind and everything, but even having a proof that now you can only trust yourself, Merlin again did something stupid, for which he paid, and now the stupidity was truly incredible, greatly spoil the impression of the book. But, okay, let’s see how this lesson in vain.

I liked that bill Roth, who helped Corvinus on the Ground and guessed about some of the unusual mysterious friend has got the answers to your questions. However, now his life is no longer calm, but I then wanted to know the truth, so I’m glad its not left on the sidelines.
Become more visible to me and to sister Corwin, Merlin’s aunt. Once in the first five books I did not pay the same tribute to Fiona’s attention, and then I liked it.

And of course I loved the Ghost Wheel. And together with Merlin was a shame, as the Rand appreciated its capabilities. Here again was manifested the innocence of Merlin, because he didn’t think that Ghost can be used not only to analyze the information and search for the answers to your questions, but as a weapon, but here she was beautiful. And sad, of course, of all of the possibilities of using Ghost Wheel surrounding saw only destructive.

But the unknown fate of the Corvina is another pacassi moment in this story. I wanted to know what Corwin’s all right that he rested and lived a full life, but no, he was gone. Someone is convinced that he is mad, some say dead, some left in the Universe. All of these options are of course expected after what happened to him in the last book, but I hope for the best. However, Merlin does not believe in any rumors and hopes to find his father, so that readers hope.