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Tripwire (Jack Reacher)

Tripwire by Lee ChildThis is the third book of the detective series about Jack Reacher written by Lee child. And this series, can you sincerely say, I like it! Like the fact that the books are no repetitions. Each book is a new story. Usually, when reading a detective series after the third book I was getting bored from the constant repetition of the author himself, and in this case, each book is quite fresh.

Total only our main character Jack Reacher and detective action story. If, for example, reading a series about Alex Cross, the first book I basically liked, the second is disappointing, the third was just annoying. One and the same. Alex cross fighter maniacs and all three books were hunting for the killers of the mind and when this did not Shine. Too predictable. Jack is very different. It is actually interesting, brave, strong and intelligent character, which is not boring to watch. What all three books it was different.

Reacher lives how he wants, does what he wants and goes like a bird in the sky, wherever he wants. No orders, reports, assignments. Family no relations has long does not. The third book is devoted to the war in Vietnam. This senseless war (here I am very sad). Reacher must find the soldier in the Vietnam war who remain missing for many years. The soldier’s parents all this time suffering and asking her friend and neighbor, who concurrently is also a General and a mentor to Jack that he found the body of their son to bury a human being.

So it turns out that Reacher is also associated with this investigation, and meets his first love of youth. So romantic note in the book is also very present. The beginning seems trivial, but what happens next I’m hooked. Since the story is very interesting and very twisted. Also in the book is my favorite topic of retention in captivity, or in captivity. I generally like in books, when someone they are holding by force.

In the second and third book of these points are present in abundance. In the book, there is not only a hero, but a creepy evil villain that couldn’t please. It is disgusting, not only internally, but also externally. But he is a man… And these details are described in the book, creepy and impressive. But our villain, I thought, quite a colorful character. © AAL