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To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a MockingbirdIt’s childish and adolescent, and an adult novel, and an adult reader will not make any discounts that this “children’s literature”. Diversity. Those problems and deftly described a deep detail here, just a car. Even if they just list in place — you will get a hefty essay. Probably “to Kill a Mockingbird” it’s good to write scientific work.

Autobiographical moments. Indeed, read and understand that the author of all thoughts experienced in their own skin, especially for kids girly “want to be a kid.” Horror. Oddly enough, I was spooky to read that, in General, scary work. Not because of the horrors of oppression of blacks, but because of the atmosphere of “a strange man, dark house where no one goes, Scarecrow.” Not for nothing did “to Kill a Mockingbird” attributed to the southern Gothic, though not very many here from the classics of the genre.

Atticus — it’s just the perfect dad. Not books on adolescent psychology have to read to find a common language with your child, but this novel, because no one phrase Atticus about education was not excessive, silly, controversial or incorrect. And the most important is that in this situation feels comfortable not a parent, namely the child. “How not to annoy and not to disappoint his own child” — that’s how you can insert the subtitle of the novel.

Racism. Here even say nothing, and so know all about “black is like the Mockingbird in the South being disenfranchised”. Acutely, at the time relevant, fine. Now read very informative, very sorry that “to Kill a Mockingbird” put in the school curriculum of all Americans to be forced to kill half of the charm from the ease of flow of heavy topics. Society, the crowd, the consciousness of the crowd. The scene when Scout calms the raging southerners, uncomplicated disconnecting a furious crowd at a tiny sensible components, just Shine. In all treatises on crowd psychology and revolt. Definitely.