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Tim by Colleen McCullough

Tim by Colleen McCulloughIn the book Tim by Colleen McCullough the main characters are two characters: a 43 year old ugly virgin Mary and a large child – the mentally retarded, but physically beautiful 25 year old Tim. Accidental friendship of these two men, enriches them. Mary discovers his sex life dormant spiritual qualities, finds harmony with the surrounding world and learns a very important experience love and care about close person, and Tim finds another loved one, and mental and emotional development in their own borders.

The author’s emphasis is on changing long-hardened women and the emotional aspect, and for that, and for a touching ending, I so loved the book. But anyone who wants to know more about the mentally retarded, or to meet deep drama will likely be disappointed. I have not had to deal with people with mental disabilities, and so it is difficult to judge the credibility of the image Tim. In the beginning it is marketed as a big baby, and really like him.

Parents gave him an invaluable a minimum, but the minimum so that the guy could somehow navigate life and earn some income. But otherwise, he remains zaglublennym innocent child, wholly dependent on relatives, and even events in the course of the narrative changes almost can not change it. Sometimes I saw in his manner something similar with my younger brother, and sometimes could not believe some of the described errors, because even a five year old child is much smarter if it is to teach. But, of course, and I loved Tim as a very touching and sincere person. Also the book was memorable for more pleasant details creating the atmosphere of a vivid description of Australian nature, cities of the mid-twentieth century, middle-class life with the simple concepts of life.