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Those Who Save Us

Those Who Save UsThese books, supposed to make us think about serious moral issues, “as I would have done in war,” etc. However, whether the fault of the author, whether I’m the reader be wrong, but I, for some reason, all the time, that seemed like a romance novel. Yes, from time to time there was shown the horrors of the Holocaust, but at the same time, much attention is paid to the dreams of the heroine about how she got her man.

The mystery of her relationship with the father of her daughter was also provided so that resembled cliches of novels: photography, secret stored in the locket (actually, somewhere else, but not important)… I’m not talking about the actual sex scenes, very unpleasant, and receiving too much “screen” time. I also need more descriptions. Perhaps the idea of the author that these are all memories of the heroine, and she knew the look of those or other acquaintances what they are in character, etc., but I as a reader want details, I want to see the picture and not just read the transcript of the conversations. However, perhaps I shouldn’t carp.

The characters are flat as a sheet. Theoretically, we were supposed to see how and why a character does certain actions, it is a moral choice. However, none of the characters did not become for me a real person and not a plot move. Except the dog, she was a quite lively character.

Too many things happen a little justified from the point of view of logic, only because the author is so necessary. For example, after the funeral of the husband of the main heroine the whole town (or rather a friendly, close-knit village) turns away from her because… Because she’s German? Lived for many decades in this village in America where the Nazis had only seen on TV? And every one of them together and hate it?