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The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough

The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough«The Thorn Birds» by Colleen McCullough is a book, drenched in sweat, blood, tears. When you read, you feel the creak of sand and earth on the teeth, I hear all sounds, pleasant and not pleasant, produced by humans and animals, feel the wind in your face, the sun burning the skin, and cold to the bone. You are surrounded by the suffocating scent of roses and the smell of decaying flesh. Along with the characters, more alive than the people you meet on the street every day, along with women, men, girls and boys you are experiencing pain. Joy, too, but mostly the pain is unbearable, hard.

This book glorifies the flesh and blood, is the book of atheist who do not recognize the tale about the afterlife. Yes, the rules and traditions are observed, out of respect to the ancestors. But life is only here on earth, and the only thing you can extend itself: the children. No children, no meaning in life. And yet – women are worth nothing. What can they do? Each like their mother, and her fate is waiting for the same. Why daughters when there are sons? Something to love a daughter? And suddenly, almost in the finals, appears sarcastic, independent, a new character that snorts and rolls his eyes at the word “marriage”, and who sees the meaning of life in the service of art, not in the birth of children. She does not like either his mother or grandmother.

This new character represents a new time, a time after world war II, when, in the opinion of the old men, all stood on its head. And comes in dark heads understanding that even in a crowd of suckers you can feel lonely. Death, sparing no one, leaves behind a void and confusion.What is not for centuries to talk in a low voice. That not only man but also woman can create worlds, to speak and to do, as the author of this book. And the only thing that matters is your spirit. The power of this spirit and its fruits. There is a God or not, you are. And you is the whole universe. Same, this new world remains, only love.Whatever form it takes,it also scorches the heart.