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This Is Where I Leave You

This Is Where I Leave YouThe family of the protagonist Jad Foxman is forced to gather in full force for a very sad reason – the death of his father. And they must sit in full force Shiva – a Jewish week-long commemoration for the deceased. Only here undoubtedly loving each other brothers, sister, mom extremely short time can stand each other in close fellowship.

Because too many complaints and grievances have accumulated, because you do not know how to Express my feelings in words, save yourself until you explode – so brought up. Yes plus to this????? still and their unsolvable problems. So Jad came to this event with the ruins instead of a happy marriage. We empathize with him here in the first place, but everyone else has enough problems of their own.

The four children of the original parents all their lives are under the power of unresolved problems, uninvited resentment, missed opportunities, hidden complexes and mutual claims. Here and now – it’s maybe the last chance to grow up and leave become close parental nest to move on and live your own life, in which there are the ghosts of the past. Lovelace, lesbians, workaholics, losers, deceived husbands, large, fruitless, restrained, noisy – they are really very different, these Foxmans, they are a real family, and read about them really very interesting.

The reasoning and thoughts of jada, of course, very masculine, sometimes even kids, boy, sometimes brutal, and sometimes anxious, slightly cynical, hilarious and touching – in a word, different. And his behavior is the same as ideas – you’ll never guess, he will lead themselves like a normal adult, or in all seriousness to react to the situation from the height of a 13-year-old boy, believing that behaves absolutely correctly.

The reader, along with the main character will plunge headlong into the already almost forgotten life in the house where he spent his childhood and youth of the protagonist. Jewish family Foxmenu just will not let anyone get bored. Not only that, all the members of the family every moment ready to match wits, so they are still ready to fight (in the truest sense of the word) for their ideas and ideals. Despite the mourning, the house is going to have a hell of a lot going on. Some dialogues and situations will be so curious and amusing that you will surely sincerely laugh and together with all for a while will forget about the truth the reason of need of presence in the house of Foxmans.