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This Immortal

This ImmortalThe novel came out quite good, intriguing and even disturbing. First, the hand filling of Greek mythology – everywhere slide familiar names and characters, for example, Cassandra and Jason, tonic creature, and entirely covered the heroic past of the place. Secondly, there are some truly remarkable characters, as an anthropologist living with a tribe of savage cannibals and using their knowledge to manipulate using religion and science to justify their cruelty with reference to the Fraser. Thirdly, the novel is not great, and the action develops quite rapidly, which allows you to eat the book for the evening and really she is not tired.

For fans of Zelazny – required reading, because immediately recognizable author’s style, and the archetypes of the main characters he wander from novel to novel. The rest may be good for a new reading of mythology and apocalyptic story, the opportunity to look at disaster as a point from which it will be shifted and the world will begin a new era.

Deservedly famous and award-winning novel opens mythological trilogy Zelazny (followed by the Lord of Light and creatures of light and darkness). Many consider the best reinterpretation of ancient mythology in the history of fiction. The image of the decline of the Earth, which has become a tourist Paradise for aliens created without excessive scale. Action is limited to the Mediterranean; it recreates the ancient beliefs, their artifacts, and heroes. Amid all this appears from seemingly ordinary people, Conrad. At different times he was called Constantine, Karagiozis, Corones, Nomikos. Under each name, this man has left his mark in history. Conrad chose the occupation of tour guide and expert on earth culture. He realized that to return the earthlings to their planet impossible, due to no vacancy, and the earthlings. The plans of Conrad was not to intervene, to lead a quiet, peaceful life.

Earth decides to visit the Court, Spago is the representative of the vegans with the purpose of checking of the property. But the purpose of this inspires suspicion. Similar vacancy have seriously decided to take over the Earth.

Conrad invited as a guide to the Old place of the destroyed Earth, his experience and reputation in this area has become a kind of authority. He has a difficult task — to escort and guard of an alien writer on a dangerous journey through a radioactive jungle of the Nile and the coast of Greece. He’ll have to fight with mutated beasts and people, as well as with their own colleagues, but, above all, it is necessary to find out whether the book of alien is the last straw in the final subjugation of the Earth, or give the Terrans a new hope? Zelazny is not limited to the analysis of Greek mythology; his task is much deeper. The writer reflects on the fate of mankind and about his legacy.