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The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon

The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon In the novels of Jennifer McMahon readers find what they so lacking in other novels. The mysteries and crimes of the past sometimes does not have a Statute of limitations and penetrate into our days. They hide in the night noises, the trees in the dark woods, creaky doors of the wardrobe and on the yellowed pages of an old diary that can tell the life story of Sara Harrison Shea. The story that sometimes the living can’t deal with the pain of loss and trying to get back into this world that he no longer belongs.

Sarah kept a diary for almost a hundred years ago. She hid his page in various recesses of his house on the old family farm near West hill. After her death, a part of the diaries were found and published by her niece, but the last page was missing. To find them she couldn’t. And for the better. Some secrets people will never know. And West hill is well able to keep their. Some old-timers in the full moon still carried the gifts on the porch of their houses in fear waiting for dawn. The cold winter wind blows snow through the streets of the West hill.

He looks the same as thousands of other provincial towns where all the inhabitants know each other if not by name, in face, certainly. They meet every Saturday at a local fair in the school arena. For tourists there is nothing remarkable. Except that you can eat in smelling fresh buns cafe “Lulu’s” on the way to more interesting places. The only dark landmark’s fingers or five huge rocks sticking out of the ground at the forest edge – not visible from its Windows. And rightly so.

Residents know that this is the worst place to be. Yes, and the forest around him dark and inhospitable. Do not go there unnecessarily. Sometimes there will not be returned. West hill remembers the many who never came back from these places. It all started about a hundred years ago. Say once in this forest stood the cabin of the witch. People continue to disappear in the city to this day. But the young Ruthie, who lived in the city all his nineteen years, does not believe in mysticism and everything can find a rational explanation.

The town has long bore her, and she dreams about studying in College, and while living here with his mother and little sister. They live on a farm near the forest. From the Windows of my parents ‘ bedroom in good weather can be seen Fucking Fingers. Once from the window, they watched Sarah. In this house she wrote her diary, which is then sold in bookstores under the name “Guests” in this house she lived and suffered. In this house she decided to cross the line of reality and an exorcism, which led to the world “sleeping”. The legend came to life. One day, returning home late at night in a cloud of fume – teenage rebellion against boring everyday life – Ruthie discovers that their mother was gone…