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The Vicar of Wakefield

The Vicar of Wakefield by Oliver GoldsmithTouching, life, family the story of a priest and members of his family, the life incidents and failures which are associated with the manners and relationships this past story time. The position of Christianity, the single sacred marriage faces a fraud, human fraud, adultery, eternal, and long arguments about the impermanence of life.

The parable of the insertion of poetry(the author is not only writer in the best sense of the word, but also a great poet), ballads and songs from the medieval (essentially sure) time filled with sadness, absurdity, sometimes too long sentences. It all gives the narrative the spirit of the event and the mood of this romanticized and largely heavy, never-changing time, which permeates the whole book. To read, which is a pleasure.

In the book a lot of subtle humor. Any, even the most tragic situation is described as peaceful and humane, which gives the history of the particular pure English humour and charm. All the English canons of prose followed in this text, Recalling the same prose of Jane Austen. But without that loved one last sarcasm, what actually is her prose so loved and so good. Slow and viscous a purely English narrative on the first page leads us to the same passions and sarcasm of the relationship of everyday life and religiosity of Christianity. This clash is largely dedicated to the book.

The eternal problem of marriage, the sanctity of marriage, the problems of daughters and sons. Search yourself, questions of religion, faith and life after death. Well, the irony of everyday life given the religious orientation of the family of the priest. The whole absurdity of the situation. In many respects we have before us an excellent satire that grabs and happiness, and sadness. At some point it even seems that happiness and goodness the book ended. And we have only one tragedy. Cruel and hopeless fall poor, religious, but very poor and a fallen family. But in the final everything is unfolding exactly one hundred eighty degrees.

Now it looks and may seem absurd and too naive. But for the reader of that time it was a revelation. Very good and bright book. Cool and very accurate bound and unleashed by turns as brilliant prose reminiscent of Jane Austen, and perhaps of Dickens. Although the latter is not too fond of happy endings in their books and almost everything works. This book was admired by many classics, if you believe the Soviet afterword. And Goethe, and Tolstoy, Walter Scott, Stendhal, Thackeray, and mainly Dickens. The last even at the early stages of his work took the pseudonym in honor of the name of one of the family members Ventilacao priest.

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