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The Two Towers

The Two TowersIn this part we continue the approach to Mordor with your favorite Frodo and Sam. As well as learn many secrets and secrets previously not available to us. A special impression on me made the names of cities and rivers.. How much imagination must be the author to come up with a huge world with many peoples, traditions, and language customs! Here is described the fantastic races: elves, dwarves, orcs, trolls. After such gorgeous details other books seem to be only a poor copy…

The second part of the trilogy was no less interesting than the first. The intrigue is heating up, the pressure is rising, the heroes are getting closer to the target and as luck would have it, the finale on a cliffhanger. No, well, is this true? I want to spit on all games and then start reading the 3rd volume. The beauty of the descriptions never ceases to amaze, the earth also all fine and Tolkien never for a fraction of a second does not give the reader disappointed. The images and the area is lively rise before my eyes and I still have not watched the film.

The second volume is divided into 2 parts. The first part tells of the heroes who went to Gondor, and the second – about those who go to Mordor. I’m so very sorry Boromir, I was hoping that he, like Gandalf, will be back later, but alas… In this novel, I was even difficult to identify the main character (the idea is they should be Frodo), but for me all nine, published in a campaign, the main and favorite. Even to nasty Gollum and I had become attached, although he often irritated me. The only thing I would like to mention the downside in the descriptions of the characters – I can’t beat the dwarf Gimli. About the rest once more it is told, and it sort of fades into the background. But pleased with the hobbits: merry, Pin and Sam. Each showed their individuality, they are no longer pestered Frodo appendages. Sam attracts by the simplicity of his argument is a loyal friend of Frodo, he doesn’t have heroism and power, only with the owner everything was in order.

The novel is easy to read, it and I want to take, but to stay inside – scary. Terrible orcs, a nasty Gollum, Shelob, entangling all of his web. No, thank you. To follow from this one, and get inside, where the terms of some risk – is quite another.