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The Touch

The Touch by Colleen McCulloughThe sixteen years old girl’s father sends from Scotland to Australia to become the wife of a rich cousin who doesn’t know. How many chances stories with a beginning have a happy sequel? Perhaps the chances would be greater if Alexander and Elizabeth more common. Alexander was a man of extraordinary and contradictory. He ordered a wife in the mail like a machine for the production of an heir and if not treated roughly, dryly, with a young wife, you are no preludes and other “romantic nonsense”. But in the end he realizes his mistake, however, too late to be this bitter Epiphany.

However, we cannot say that he was not exactly a despot in the family (especially if to consider, what time events occur). He has accepted the absence of sons, freed his wife from the “marital debt”, his daughter Nell, he gave a good education, and when she announced that she doesn’t want to continue his legacy and become a doctor, agreed with her choice. Not so little, given the circumstances. Elizabeth – the dark stuff, she used to live in my own world and hide it all inside. What else could a small and lonely girl who was torn from home, from family (although in her family, her life was not sweet).

It simply put before the fact: here now your new home, this man here is your new family. Of course, she felt like a fish out of water! The lack of physical attraction to her husband eventually moved from Elizabeth to persistent hostility and lack of spiritual intimacy in the icy alienation. It is quite natural. During the years lived in marriage with Alexander, she has grown up a lady, the mistress of a large house, had two daughters… But a real woman, she only became close with the other. Ruby is a wonderful woman, loving and kind. If pride and ambition did not prevent Alexander to marry her, it would be the happiest marriage. And she raised a worthy son.