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The Thirteenth Tale

The Thirteenth TaleIn the distant rainy England was an old strange house, and this house full of mysteries and mystical phenomena, lived, like a Ghost, scary, unusual people. Love, death, happiness and suffering do not go beyond this artificial world, isolated from outsiders. But most of all in the history of this house afraid of not judging the lynching death, and closed within the same family love.

There are several reasons why you should read this book. Modern literature every year more and more committed to the simplification of the literary language, equating it to everyday speech. Already long ago the norm was the use of obscene language books, not to mention the fact that the texts of some authors are so plain and colorless that works elementary school students seem to be compared to them masterpieces. Diane Setterfield compared to Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, and thereby making a huge mistake.

Diane Setterfield so good that she writes beautifully, but not like Charlotte Bronte, not Jane Austen, but in their own way. Compare the style with other authors – is to downplay its personal merits. As for me, so it deserves attention, writes beautifully in his own manner, similar to the style of the classics, but isn’t.

The second reason is the ability to keep the reader as the sweet expectation of interesting events. Here met those expectations or not is another question, in my case did not materialize, but the anticipation of the unknown, the desire to know what happens next, could force you to spend all night with a book. To come up with a third reason was difficult, but not to leave the two when talking about the tale where three is the magic number?

Let this be the reason that only some readers, but it really is. This reason is a separate plot elements. If you like mysteries, Ghost stories, twins history, where much is said about books and reading, a family Saga, then you will probably like it, it’s all here in abundance. But as there are no unequivocal relationship to one person, so there are no unequivocal relationship to one book, because it is not less reason exists why we should read «The Thirteenth Tale».

The last plus in relation to offspring Diane Setterfield ended with the words “it’s all here in abundance” is not just. This is the key phrase because I love books about books, love to read about twins, but Sometimes… there’s too many twins per square meter, too many references to “Jane Eyre”, “Woman in White”, “Wuthering Heights” and a couple of other classical works, and too, too much cocoa. And if “Jane Eyre”, there is at least some logic, as the book in a certain way appears in the story, relative to other works I can’t of the author nothing more than to justify. The impression that the characters live in a world where other books do not exist, so all read them all love them all of them speak, all of them are on the shelves.

Notable Parallels in the plots with the above works, so I can assume that in this way the author shows us that not only took someone’s idea and did it on purpose. This was wonderful and I, in General, not against, but I support the idea that it would be enough for a single mention. Secondly, I am tolerant to many things, but still somewhere comes and my limit. Honestly, not a fan of children’s descriptions of sadomasochism, and incest, which is perceived by the characters as something absolutely natural. But thanks to the author, at least for the lack of vivid descriptions of the incest.

Continuing the theme of vivid descriptions, I will add that they have here. And personally in my case it was another disadvantage because I don’t used to read descriptions of corpses crawling with maggots on them, and other descriptions that are not associated with death, but causes light (and for whom, and not very light) fits of disgust. Never thought that a room can be described as disgusting.

However, if you like king, it is unlikely that this point I was scared. All the pluses and minuses listed by me, is very subjective. What can irritate me, someone on the contrary will seem like a plus, so take this review as simply an attempt to indicate a few points that seemed most significant in the book. If you are not afraid of the cons, with a probability of 90% you will like it. I remained at the crossroads, unable to decide to put this book a good rating or bad, therefore, settled on three, implying in this case is simply “neutral”. I was not so interesting to admire, but also unpleasant moments is not so much that I got a “d”.

There are three types of mass literature: completely no, mediocre, and good. In relation to Diane Setterfield I would say that this is a good popular literature, and it is its advantage. But the trouble is that the mass of literature it does not cease to be.