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The Thirst: Harry Hole 11 by Jo Nesbo

The Thirst Harry Hole 11 by Jo Nesbo«The Thirst» is a powerful, dark and expressive book. In the years that have passed since the book “Police”, Harry has changed. He doesn’t drink anymore, does not work in the police and in the police Academy, and finally established a relationship with Raquel. He’s almost managed to become a normal person, but Oslo is shocking war murders – serial killer kills women and drinks their blood.

But by the third victim, it becomes clear that wielding an old acquaintance of Harry Hole, who managed in his time to hide from the police. And this series of murders is kind of a challenge to Harry. More about the plot of a word – the beauty of a good detective is always a surprise, and therefore get to the part easily impressed-excitable.

Jo Nesbo is a great game with the reader – he throws us many paths that we can start as far as will let our reader’s imagination. And that’s cool. The book is written in gorgeous language, the characters are lively and juicy, a lot of amusing secondary characters, there was a place and continuing background storylines begun in the previous books of the cycle. And that’s cool.

And yet the book is very interesting – it keeps in suspense, does not let you relax for a minute. Harry Hole is one of the best modern literary characters of detective novels, so fans are happy that the ending subtly hints at the fact that we have more than one joint adventure with this living legend of the Oslo police.