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The Stars, Like Dust

The Stars, Like Dust“The Stars, Like Dust” is a classic space adventure with gunfights, betrayal, rescue princesses and civilizations and relevant to all of this main character.

The plot is based on dialogue is my favourite form of presentation Asimov. His characters constantly talking and their conversations, the reader learns about the events. Humanity achieved all I could achieve, although such a statement will never be completely accurate, because it is possible to improve indefinitely long… and the ceiling simply does not exist. Only here if you believe the annotation, further development is expected. The main character – a byproduct of the conspiracy and the victim of scientific research, all his experiences and all political covert game hardly interest the reader.

The story I would split the book into two parts: adventure and mystery – which follow one another. First, before the reader is revealed a rather dynamic story of a mysterious stranger with memory loss that gradually comes to himself and tries to get to his. There’s a lot of running around, unexpected meetings and coincidences. The second part of the story is a classic detective investigation in which by questioning the witnesses to try to establish the truth. Detective intrigue, but not too on top. From Asimov is much more fascinating stuff in this genre.