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The Song of Troy by Colleen McCullough

The Song of Troy by Colleen McCulloughDistant, lost in time, the Sands of time covered the story of the ancient Greek war of the United States against the bulwark of Asia Minor, the legendary Troy. Once sung by Homer in his immortal Iliad story of the Trojan Prince Paris and his beloved Helena, whose amazing beauty knew no comparisons, stolen from the lawful husband and became the destruction of Troy by the Greek forces led by Agamemnon, again appears on the pages of the novel definitely talented Colleen McCullough.

Overall, the plot follows the original special spin is not in sight. However, the author presented the material differently in the first place, removing from the story of the gods as a direct actors. Much of that was due to ancient supernatural force, the author became closer to a reality. The same reason of the war between Greeks and Trojans is given more life and the prose is economic and trade friction.

Interesting information submitted on behalf of several characters: Priam, king of Troy; king of the myrmidons Peleus, father of Achilles; the centaur Chiron, the tutor and the teacher of several famous heroes; the Beautiful Helen; the Trojan Prince Paris; Prince Hector of Troy; Mycenaean king Agamemnon; the Prince and the hero Achilles; the cunning king of Ithaca of the Odyssey; king of Argos Diomedes, Patroclus, close friend of Achilles; lyrnessos Briseida Princess, concubine of Achilles; darginskogo Prince Aeneas; king of Pylos of Nestor; the Prince of Neoptolemus, son of Achilles. Each telling has its own destiny and its own view of events.

Perhaps this is a plus, because the reader can contemplate the multi-faceted picture, not focusing only on one or two of the three versions of the events. The images of the characters have undergone a new interpretation: Paris – conceited, lovers of pleasure coward; Elena – naughty, silly selfish; Priam, guided by advisors, came on the same robbed, his father – greed ruined; Menelaus praises the beauty of Helen and then a long time complained when the young and beautiful Paris kidnapped her to Troy; Agamemnon is no justice, revenge for the brother, and so are not interested in, it is strictly power-economic motives to start a war with Troy; Achilles – stamped rejected by the mother of the son, and to the troubled soul, from birth, knew about the fate prepared for him to die in the war with Troy, but still does not deviate from the honor; Odysseus – as might, cunning, crafty, far-sighted; Hector – the antithesis of his brother, courageous, brave, a true heir to the throne.