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The Snowman by Jo Nesbo

The Snowman by Jo NesboThe first snow is something magical, beautiful and amazing, but with the first snow in the Norwegian capital Oslo begins to wield a killer nicknamed «The Snowman». In different parts of the city and then find the corpses of women and announced about the sudden disappearance. The killer is carefully thought out his crime and leaves behind no trace, no evidence. The only thing investigators find the snowman nearby with the victim.

Meanwhile, the city is gripped by panic, no one knows who and why is killing innocent women and, of course, the main question is: can the only specialist on serial killers – Harry Hole to catch the elusive criminal? The atmosphere in the book is dark, bloody, violent, there are murders, there is blood and there are secrets. In the book a lot of descriptions of corpses, dismemberment, cut off heads, abominations abound. The novel constantly keeps in suspense, no one knows what is the next step of the criminal and on what basis the maniac chooses his victims, and interesting, books I want to read without stopping.

Harry Hole is a very charming and interesting main character, his image is very interesting drawn, on the one hand it’s an ordinary investigator, and the other is quite a complicated person with a lot of complex problems. Liked the fact that he’s investigating is intertwined with his own life. It was interesting to watch how Harry will react to certain events.

The plot is exciting and at the same time not devoid of psychological insight. It is seen that the Airport professional, he is perfectly able to create an appropriate atmosphere to immerse the reader in your world and most importantly the book has an interesting story and equally interesting main character.

«The Snowman» – a great detective, which keeps in suspense until the last page. Though the identity of the culprit is pretty predictable, it’s not getting worse, there is so much more that is worth to read this detective