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The Sleeper by Emily Barr

The Sleeper by Emily BarrSam and Lara are a couple. Wanting to have a baby and get away from the stresses of city life, they moved from London into the peaceful wilderness. In the end, the child did not start, Lara was unable to find work her to death I am sick of the everyday housewife, the solitary life, and along with Sam. Or first Sam, and then the rest.

Whatever it was, she was extremely happy when she was offered for six months to lead the project in London. And here, five days a week Lara carries in the capital, and at weekends returned to her husband. But one day she never came back. Sam in a panic, and after a visit from the police and is in shock. The guards believe that Lara had committed a murder – a good reason to disappear, Yes. But her friend iris is convinced that Lara is not capable of such a crime. Iris is determined to find her friend and help her out no matter what she’s into.

The story is alternately from the face of iris and Lara. In a manner typical of psychological detectives, starring women who are not serving in the police. That is, lyrical digressions, reasonings, emotions, a bit of irony, a bit of drama. The beginning of the novel is quite amusing, but only if we evaluate it in the category of “women’s novels” and not “detective”.

Lara talks about the boring shit out of the fate of Housewives in Cornwall and sitting in the Gras ideal husband, Dating on the train to London and city life. Detective party is represented by timid hints of something criminal-traumatic that happened during Larina youth.

Then takes the word iris, which was in trouble with the disappearance of a friend , and that deepened her ears have quite consciously. Iris seems a little crazy, just like her boyfriend, but in her story the detective note becomes brighter.