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The Ship of Brides

The Ship of BridesA young girl named Jennifer, along with his friend Sanjay and grandmother are traveling in India. And then on one of the beaches they stumble upon piles of scrap metal that once was a ships. The attention of the old woman attracted to a single ship (or rather what’s left of it), thanks to which the memories came flooding back of years gone by.

1946 year. On the aircraft carrier «Victoria» more than 600 brides from Australia sailing with their husbands in England. Many of their husbands do not know very well, and not every bride was confident that her journey will be a happy ending. Not the fact that she will be able to get to the end, as her status as a bride could change at any moment either could die bridegroom, or he could send her a letter in which be said that he does not wait, and she could return home. The author of the novel tells the stories of only 4 brides: Margaret – a good girl from the village, Evis – always cheerful and helpful, Jin – very stupid, Francis – very closed. And so many different girls have to share quarters together.

This novel, Jojo Moyes has written, inspired by the story of her grandmother, who was also one of the brides that sailed on the ship “u-boat, noticing” to make his fortune. Admirable what a thorough job Moyes has done, before writing the novel. This book not only has romance, but also documentary evidence from which the interest in the book even more. The atmosphere of the time comes through in the writing. Moyes is able to describe a situation in the novel so that the reader emerges feeling like he’s watching a movie or feeling a living witness of what is happening in the novel. Moyes managed to intrigue the reader from the first page. Until the last few pages it is impossible to guess which of the four brides grandmother, Jennifer, which so much influenced by the ship when she saw him on the beach.