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The Sherlock Holmes Handbook

The Sherlock Holmes HandbookThe only pleasure you can get from books is aesthetic. Some pluses, anyway, remains the fact. Fantastic design, illustrations – all this makes the book a godsend for fans of Holmes. But, alas, it was a fan. I, as an ordinary man in the street, in addition to illustrations and gorgeous design, not found anything interesting for yourself. Most will buy this book because I really want a little bit to uncover the secrets of the great detective.

But I think it is not necessary to forget that Sherlock is still a fictional character, and therefore the method of deduction, for the most part, though real, actually has a lot of pitfalls. Even following the logic, you can come to a huge number of inferences and to choose one of them… not always possible. But the book I think it is not practical not because of this. The annotation says that the book will teach you how to work on a method of Holmes, but does not mention that these methods are not always applicable to the present.

In this regard, I was absolutely not understood such chapters as “How to analyze gunshot evidence” – “Weapons of the Victorian age”;”How to survive if you fell into the waterfall” – “a Curious disease, and strange drugs of the Victorian era”. And in the Chapter “How to survive if you fell into the waterfall”, really describes how to survive in this case. In this regard,… the Book is justified, as a great gift for fans of sir Arthur Conan Doyle, which, fortunately for the author, every year more and more around the world.

The book “The Sherlock Holmes Handbook” is a wonderful guide to the works of Conan Doyle, every aspect of the life of Sherlock Holmes is discussed in great detail, step by step, with references to specific stories and detailed quotations.