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The Sea-Wolf by Jack London

The Sea-Wolf by Jack London«The Sea-Wolf» by Jack London is not just an adventure story for all ages. This is a serious work about the clash between two eternal rivals materialism and idealism is beautifully crafted material embedded in the mouth of two of the main characters. And how good these characters are, how alive they are, bright.

Humphrey van Weyden we see for the first time on the ferry, which is literally a few minutes will crash. He fasten a life vest, and once in the water almost immediately loses consciousness. And it belongs in the sea. By happy coincidence, his notice with a hunting schooner and lifted on Board. Lucky escape, you say? “Ghost” controls Wolf Larsen – violent, does not recognize defeat, and hating the weakness of the devil. He decides to give Humphrey a favor and put him on his feet.

And from this moment begins the conversion of delicate, refined, subtle literary critic Humphrey, in Jung, and then mate Champa, Mr. van Weyden. Sometimes I think we all need this forced therapy, although from the battering I’d like to. Passion twist. Effect immediately and natural conditions, and limitations of this world, but the main engine is a shockingly brutal Wolf Larsen. Someone hates him, someone hates him to madness, and someone dreams and even tries to kill. But the pendulum swings, the boomerang always comes back, and everything will return, is the fate of all guilty.

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