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The Scorch Trials (The Maze Runner, Book 2)

The Scorch Trials (The Maze Runner, Book 2)In his second book James Dashner continues to make the reader’s brain. If someone naively thought that escaped from the Maze, the heroes will happily exist in any research Institute or raise a revolution – you are deeply mistaken. But if someone thought that they will open a whole new set – very sophisticated – ways to glue the fins, then Yes, bingo, you were right. Welcome to the real world, everything is even worse than the Maze.

Overall, everything is great, fast, addictive, etc., etc. So why three? Honestly? I’m a little tired of the constant “we are doing this for a higher purpose, you too will know when all will know!”, “the end justifies the means, then you will agree with us!”, “soon you’ll understand”, “the future of humanity lies in our hands.” Two books W. I. C. K. E. D. is talking about a purpose, and we would like to get at least some answers. The second reason is that after the books of Dashner really want to get somewhere in a hole and bury the entrance, because the pace and to the paranoia in the neighborhood. Poor kids, they’re nothing and nobody can trust on all sides, solid bases. Around one death.

The only thing that becomes clear after reading this book — it is, ironically, what women like author James Dashner. In the first book, in the company of boys was just a girl Teresa is smart, determined and sharp tongue, but now, when the guys out in the big world, the emergence of other female characters was inevitable. There is a whole group of girls who describe casual (but im also a tough cookie!), and important new character — Brand, which is also very strong, sarcastic, athletic, not to cut off a couple of SIP… Oh yeah, she flirts with Thomas literally from the moment of acquaintance.

The variety is questionable, but the main character is a teenage boy still lost: who does he like more? And then there’s a secret organization, which not only tries to kill guys for a very good cause, but at the same time rummaging in their heads, affecting their actions and may even be forced to do anything. In such circumstances, to betray, not even consciously, anyone can. That suffering poor Thomas, not knowing who to trust, what to feel.