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The Scarlet Plague by Jack London

The Scarlet Plague by Jack LondonRather unusual for its time, the book. This post-apocalypse, written in 1912, first came to my attention that Jack London was not previously known to me as the author of fantastic works. Well, many writers sooner or later try their hand at unusual for the genre. And we can say that this experiment is definitely a success.

The world described in the novel, stands before us in all its pristine glory. There is nowhere you hear the noise of cities, and air ships no longer sail through the sky. Fields overgrown with grass, and sea lions bravely go to bask on deserted beaches. Machinery disappeared, and space again became an insurmountable huge. And the wreckage of humanity we can only guess what the figure is now measured population of the planet.

And the bill really goes on units. Almost no one survived, and the rest slipped in almost in stone age, and now re-start your way to a civilized society. And now the old Professor, the one who still remembers life before the epidemic, trying to tell the younger generation the sad story of the disaster.

The sad and simple reality of this small, but very meaningful story that people don’t change. Brilliant scientists or just ordinary boys who do not know the alphabet, they will always seek to create for the sake of destruction. They built their world, the great and powerful. They learn to read and worshipping the old lie. They conquer the sky and create a weapon of mass destruction. They are thousands of years go ahead, then for a few moments to return to the beginning. And then it happens again and again and again…

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