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The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell

The Road to Wigan Pier by George OrwellIn the first part novohispano «The Road to Wigan Pier» with pain described life of miners in Northern England: poverty, hunger, cold (and this is in the village of coal when the coal is not know where to sell!), ignorance, dirt. In the end, this part proposes social measures to improve the living of the proletariat. Part two is devoted to the analysis of political projects like socialism young, dreaming of metal muscle and fat from idleness of people, like Nazism,is gaining alarming momentum.

Politics for the average citizen to be intimately associated with the ideal people’s view of the future, that is the position criticized any political action. In almost all cases we can not imagine clearly all the risks associated with turning your dreams into reality because not enough is know the human breed. Here and there dystopian.

And the second part, journalistic, just about the most risks. In it, Orwell wonders why many intellectuals turned to national socialism that scares the average citizen in socialist ideals, than to look for the exit that scares us in the image of “the happy future”. Citing examples from Lawrence and Huxley and pointing out the limitations of the dreams of ordinary followers of utopian, George Orwell to the socialists is all the same with sympathy.

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