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The Rise of Endymion (Hyperion Cantos)

The Rise of Endymion (Hyperion Cantos)Continuation – the rest of the story about Endymion. The final book of the novels of the tetralogy. Although an author may well include new factors and deploy Hyperion a chronicle for another couple of volumes. Or more.

Simmons cleverly spun the ring in time, something similar was planned when reading, but the author still skillfully keeping readers in the dark about some of the statements by the main character of the novel Enei, to the extent that it was thought that the author will invent already quite an unexpected move. But Simmons cheated by writing the expected tablet of knowledge is well and good that the logic of the narrative is not twisted.

Dan Simmons again philosophizes mouth of the main character that could not fail to please. However, by the time when Aeneas breaks the flow of his teaching, the overall impression is so pale that it can save only a miracle. The reasoning of “philosophy of choice” reveals the features of Zen is as if on the sly. The tone was set by pathos, over-the-top on all fronts. Apparently, to burn all the bridges to reasonable retreat, invited to the Banquet are old acquaintances from way of Hyperion, however, still bright, deep personalities left a name, and they act solely as decorations.

A striking contrast to the first two books immediately confusing – if the share of the poor pilgrims had solid obstacles and adversity (enraged Shrike, jokes mazes, a tree with thorns), Enei, starting with the third book of the tetralogy this complicated, things go like clockwork. Portals open in front of her, De Soya is her childish tricks, she dreams prophetic dreams – nothing to do with the decay and despair that permeated the previous part.
The girl is the Messiah offering others only guarantee more pain and horror is something new.

In General, the whole of the tetralogy is quite a nice modern version of space fiction, though the term “space” here, you need to understand the expansion of Space, meaning under that astronomical Space is not physical space, and Space as the Universe in all its ambiguity.