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The Return of the King

The Return of the KingThe novel won the hearts of hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of people. Differently and could not be. A fantasy tale that affects a large number of topics, starting with friendship and ending with power. At first glance, the book for children’s age, but if you dig deeper, you find that this is absolutely not true. In the novel, or rather all three parts are many nuances, difficult to understand children. Of course, children can read, but they will catch only the General thread of the plot. The more I think one time reading is not enough. Need to re-read again and again and each time you’ll notice more of the subtleties and look from a different angle.

I once again want to Express my admiration for the world that Tolkien invented. The earth is thought out to the smallest detail. In whatever location the characters described wonderfully. Beautiful Lorien, terrifying Mordor, Moria, the Shire. It is impossible not to want to visit these places along with the characters, although they are very, very dangerous.

Heroes. You can talk about them endlessly. Like changed all four hobbits. They grew up in. Not in terms of physical growth but mentally. What readers saw them in the beginning? Yes even throughout the first volume? Lazy, dreaming only about how to eat and sleep, loving their gardens and hating the war and all the skirmishes. And as they returned to the Shire? Is the current steel, the brave dwarfs to endure what they do with their nation and homeland? They were able to act against those who imagined themselves the Supreme power. In General, all the characters I loved and was very sorry to part with them.

The final part of the atmosphere is no less bleak than the second, but then at least you know that soon the final, which will put everything in its place, Yes, someone will die, but the whole campaign to rid the world of the rings will end well. And this is all perceived with something like a severe enthusiasm, I feel that I would go for something to fight, if you were invited.

Perhaps part after the destruction of the ring seemed to be too tightened. Here the hobbits return home, and there is something like a revolution. Now, after a long showdown Grima kills Saruman. Here floats Gimli with Legolas and other elves in the distant is beautiful. I mean, Yes, this is all very interesting, but is it really necessary? I’m certainly glad to know exactly what happened or another character, but for the thought still left a little.