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The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

The Raven by Edgar Allan PoeThis poem deserves attention. The image of a Raven-the devil, the Herald of night, darkness and death. He appears unexpectedly, it is important that as a lady or Baron sits at the statue and shouts to his sharp imperious croaking voice – NEVERMORE! Never again! Well, or maybe better would be “no Return!”, because there are more “croaking” sounds.

I remember the sound of this crow squawking. A sharp, rending, tearing croak! A huge black bird with black as coal eyes, small and keen as they are able to watch with no hesitation and screaming his ugly croak! Like the devils, messengers of death, gather in the cemeteries where the rules and the inevitability of death.

Bird is unexpectedly, knocking at the door, opens the shutters. Black as death itself. When the hero tries to forget about his dead lover, the bird cries “NEVERMORE!”, like death, reminding myself that poisoning won’t make you forget. The very words “NEVERMORE!” more than accurately characterize the death. Never coming back the one who left. Never again you will not see his smile. Never again will you take him by the hand. Never again you will not see life in his eyes. Never fulfilled your dreams, so gentle and dear. Never again! NEVERMORE!

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