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The Rape of the Lock

The Rape of the Lock By Alexander PopeThe work is prefaced by the author’s introduction, which is a certain dedication to Arabella Fermor. Pope warns Arabella, she is too serious about his creation, explaining that it is pursuing “a single goal: to entertain a few young ladies” with sufficient common sense and sense of humor. The author warns that his poem is all incredible, but the real fact is — “the loss of your curl,” and the way the main character is not like Arabella Fermor nothing, “but beautiful”. I know how inappropriate buzzwords in the presence of the lady, writes the author, but the poet so tend to strive for understanding. So it precedes the text of several explanations.

The four elements in space which will unfold the action of the poem, is inhabited by spirits: elves, gnomes, nymphs and salamanders. The gnomes or demons of earth — creatures are insidious and eager for leprosy, but the inhabitants of the air, the sylphs are tender and sympathetic. “According to the Rosicrucians, all mortals can enjoy intimacy with these gentle spirits, yet aged condition… compliance with the steadfast chastity”.

So, gracefully outlining the rules of the literary game, the Pope brings the reader into a multilayered fantasy world of his poems where funny everyday incident — a fervent fan in the Grand Raut cut curl at the unapproachable beauty — takes on a universal scale.

The poem consists of five songs. In the first song the leader of the sylphs Ariel guards the sleep of the beautiful Belinda. In sleep he whispers a word to her about how her sacred purity, granting the right to permanent protection of good spirits. Because secular life is full of temptations that entice them back malicious gnomes. “So teach dwarves Charmer flirtatious look from under her eyelashes, reddening, embarrassed for show, to deceive a game of hearts and eyes.” At the end of his speech Ariel in trouble warns Belinda that the current day will be marked for her trouble and she needs to be doubly vigilant and to guard against its arch — enemy- Men.

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