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The Professor

The Professor by Charlotte BrontëThe Professor – the first novel by Charlotte Bronte, though it was only issued after she died. It was written two years before the famous “Jane Eyre” on material collected by Charlotte Bronte at the time of her life and work as a teacher in Brussels. “The Professor” is different from anything I’ve read from this author before. Let’s start with the fact that the story is on the man’s face – a young teacher. Of course, much of the experience of life and work of the protagonist in Brussels are taken from the personal experience of most Charlotte Bronte.

Describing situations and characters are too alive to be completely fictional. But the nature of the main character seemed to me personally a few “clumsy”. William Crimsworth is the embodiment of all Victorian virtues smug and narcissistic England (despite the fact that before the era of the Queen Victoria half a century). He is poor but proud, well educated and not devoid of insight, but as smugly as pampered their talents (real and imaginary), with some disdain for those who because of the circumstances or nature according to him is beneath him intellectually and emotionally (though on the scale of emotional development, I would have him put C grade).

However, the author it is positioned clearly as a positive character. And in this, I think, revealed the abyss that separates the modern person from the mid-nineteenth century. Such a positive for the time quality as conservatism, subordination (in the woman) and authority (in the male), Puritanism, adherence to traditions and established opinions and practices, exaltation of pure intellect to the detriment of the emotional part of human nature, chauvinism in our time are rather annoying traits, and if in some individuals they are too bright, it is generally met with hostility.

Then the man was supposed to be overbearing (at least part of his family, if not the greater), the woman is to be dependent and clearly know their place, the Englishman – to be Patriotic and clearly understand their superiority over other Nations, and an honest, respectable man (who also, of course, had to be English) to clearly distinguish between good and bad, black and white, and follow the well-trodden for him established traditions and conventions of the way.

This book was possible without fear to read the innocent daughter of a respectable family of the nineteenth century, as accents to the current moral and ethical code: the main character – a true Englishman, and his lover – honest and talented girl, well aware of his subordinate position, and satisfied them antagonists – petty and petty the French Director and schemer-Belgian, and happy end, as it should, set against the backdrop of the English countryside, where there is happiness and idyll. If not one “but”. Namely, the character of York Hunsden.

This man is a constant irritation of the main character and anger of the heroine, while remaining their friend and benefactor throughout the book and, obviously, after its completion. He openly makes fun of everything that they think is right and decent, and along with them; but actually manifests himself to man in the highest degree honest and decent, which means he manages not only to proclaim its principles, but to act accordingly, they are not transgressing the laws of conscience. He calls himself a “citizen of the world” surrounded by people who are unable to think beyond the nationalist claims of their native country… This odious character manages to make a touch disturbing tension even in the pastoral idyll of a happy end.