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The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a WallflowerThe book is written very honestly and simply. Not in the sense of primitive, but it is just, it is not surprising that it is often compared to “the catcher in the rye” – there is also the manner of writing is simple and honest. But Charlie Caulfield is quite different, despite the fact that with a society of their own kind, too, gets on with great reservations. No lies, no tricks, no gimmicks.

There’s a simple guy, Charlie, who likes to listen to music that has a couple of psychological disorders, but against all others he looks probably the most normal. In the background — books, music, the atmosphere, the same rocky Horror suddenly jumps out from behind the curtains. The novel cuts off a whole layer of feelings of a young man (or not say) in the same age, which is the most difficult to describe in the literature, is not hitting in the extreme or fake.

Time to absorb new sensations, when all the things that it will seem banal and boring, is perceived sharply and clearly. One song can set your mood for the whole week, one read book can change your life, one friend or foe can not only change your life but change you. Charlie is a little harder to relate to society than others, because it is “quiet”. The introvert in all of the fields, but I wouldn’t call him a sociopath or sociophobe, especially because in the end, the author reveals the reasons for his psychological problems and oddities. The introvert in high school, it’s real tough because it was at this time beginning to rage with hormones and awakens the mind so that the teenagers throws from one extreme to another. The characters developed in the novel, it is impossible not to recognize certain features of one of his friends.

The usual riot, rebellion intellectual, sexual riot… Riot demure, in the end. In this case, including sex, drugs and rock-n-roll shows is very quiet, in the order of things, as perceived by adolescents, not all kokoko-a nightmare-Yes-it-is-children-read. The novel is actually very lyrical.

Such memories that can only be described from the first person, which makes the main character in letters to an unknown friend. If the main character is clear, then, with its surrounding clear much less, because we can see them only through the eyes of Charlie who understood books better than people. In this regard, it will help adaptation. Seriously, she is really very good, I watched it at all before reading the book, and she probably even liked it a little more. So I recommend. And most of all remember the idea of being for any good book not a sponge, and filter. This idea has long been somewhere in the corners of my subconscious, but did not lie down in such brief words. Nothing more.