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The One I Left Behind by Jennifer McMahon

The One I Left Behind by Jennifer McMahonAt Brighton falls, restless. Elusive maniac named Neptune abducting women, chops off their hands and exactly five days strangles and throws. An empty milk carton serves as the container for the human offerings of the police. It happened in the early 80’s, in the city, which was previously considered a peaceful, quiet and prosperous.

His last victim was a woman, whose body was never found, she was only the right hand. And now, after many years, her adult daughter convinced that her calling Neptune breathes into the phone and is silent. His crimes and could remain unsolved, if not for the appearance of one man. Two time loops, one Tara, Charlie and Reggie – teenagers with their life, where there is a place spiritualistic sessions, school, summer jobs and first feelings.

Charlie is in love with Tara, and she is in love with the world of spirits, and tries to establish a connection with the victims of Neptune. Her behavior seems Reggie insane, and her enthusiasm for the maniac insane. After she learns that she was in the mental hospital and tried to cut off his arm. And there are already adult characters with their memories of those times. Reggie returns to his childhood home, he is badly built, it’s raw, uncomfortable and dilapidated.

Reggie after Neptune took her mother, left town, breaking off all contacts, but it didn’t mean that you didn’t watch her. Reggie is forced to reconnect with Tara, and a feeling that didn’t exist all those years in between. So running away from a nightmare, trying to escape, and are eventually trapped. The collision of past and present life, the conflict between a teenage girl, coping with the harshness of life through cuts on your body and the present a young woman with a successful career and a loved one close.

The story of maniac is like the story of a man from a small American town where strange motives, but partly understandable, where everyone knows each other, and cover when necessary. Where a mother’s love for her daughter knows no bounds, and the flight does not always mean avoiding the issue.