The New Hunger: A Warm Bodies Novella ebook epub/mobi/fb2/pdf download for Kindle, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, PC, e-Reader. Author: Isaac Marion

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The New Hunger: A Warm Bodies Novella

The New HungerIn the book are three story lines that intertwine: First line: early in the book we are introduced to a zombie, it does not name, just a Tall man. He woke up on the Bank of the river and first of all saw a woman next to him, who was lying with a gun, zombie finds out that she is dead, her head is shot.

He goes nowhere, looking for something. On the way, he finds out that he’s dead and that he’s terribly hungry. What is most interesting and fun when zombies introduced the monologue by himself, he tried to find out who he was and asked himself what to eat. And suddenly he finds on the way by two people. Second line: here we are introduced to sixteen-year-old girl Nora and her seven year old brother Adisson. Their parents turned into zombies. Nora and Adissa had to take care of themselves.

They sought refuge, where there is survivors. In one of the raids, they meet Tall man, who tried to make contact and understand who he was, but when he found out that he did not want to see, he was surprised and decided to go for them. On the way he met several more who were the same as him, all confused, and someone has already degenerated and almost turned into skeletonema. Nora and Adiss hid in the estate, fairly relaxed, completely forgot that they are actually in danger and that at any moment can descend zombies. Eeeehhh…as in any American film, the characters are profane, sit in one place and do not move, but it remains that to take them for a soft calf AIII…. Nora and Adiss smoked, he sat himself and went mad on the balcony, found a good place where happy. There something their and seized.

Skeletons can climb walls. And we’ll find out how Nora lost her few fingers on her arm. In the first book she showed, that it there is no fingers, only not explained why. Adissa was buried. Nora’s still alive, only the author did not disclose more accurately, how she got out of the trap. Generally, survived and survived, all, point. In the third storyline, we meet the main character Julia and her parents, they go by car, looking for the coveted refuge, which was talked about on the radio, fight off zombies and meet on the road Hole, bleeding. Julia wanted to take it, but my father forbade it because it wasn’t clear whether she was infected or not. Anyway, they’re leaving, leaving her alone.