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The Mysterious Island by Jules Gabriel Verne

The Mysterious Island by Jules Gabriel VerneA magnificent adventure novel, a pearl in the works of Jules Verne. Striking as the author’s skill and imagination. Five North Americans, held in captivity by southerners in Richmond, during the war between the North and the South, the opportunity to escape in a balloon. They go to the lost island in the Pacific ocean.

With ingenuity and optimism they are able to provide yourself on the island quite tolerable life. Helps people first a faithful dog, and after – intelligent orangutan yup. The first half of the book is quieter and more domestic. In her colonists settle on the island, studying it, to make life. Tireless and inventive engineer Cyrus Smith finds new ways to ensure their companions are not only necessary, but just nice things to life on the island.

The second part of the real adventure begins, the story becomes more dynamic. Suddenly, there are pirates, there is the invasion of the monkeys in the colony, there is a mysterious benefactor, whose identity has for so long trying to solve the characters in this book. The book is not really unpleasant events or difficult tests or conflicts. Even the colonists all the time on the positive, do not lose heart, do not quarrel, out of every difficult situation will necessarily seek out, and will find it sooner or later anyway.

This is a great book for easy reading, like to go unscheduled vacation for a few days. The only thing that can warp in this book the modern reader is unnecessarily cruel attitude to nature. It was a time when people believed that natural resources are inexhaustible, all the whales would not kill predators, like jaguars, it’s just the pests that prevent live people, and without any pity to put on skins.

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