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The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life

The Miracle Morning by Hal ElrodSo, if you choose the most important thing, the main idea is: you need to get up earlier to have time for yourself, because at the end of the day you are usually too tired for self-development. Holy truth. Elrod recommends to allocate one morning hour, breaking it into 10-minute segments and in each of them to practice a certain type of activity. There are just six of them: meditation, affirmations, keeping a diary, reading, visualization of goals and objectives, exercise.

And what Elrod is really right about is that even if you spend only 10 minutes on each of these activities, you can go quite far. It is definitely worth trying, but to calculate all 6 types, I would not advise, it is better to leave what is right for you (after trying everything, of course). As a result, my “wonderful morning” took this form: it lasts 20 minutes, during which I read a book (Elrod advises books on self-development, but it is dangerous, because if they are all like his own, you can accidentally fall asleep again) in parallel slurping water, as well as stretching the neck and back.

This process itself is a meditation as I do it in silence, taking my time. Plus, I finally have time to read in English, which contributes to a quick awakening, coupled with light physical activity. As you can see, I threw away affirmations and visualization, because I don’t need self – esteem too much and always have a pretty clear idea what I want to get (I’m basically a visual, so I was lucky).

Diary entries I moved to the evening and devote 5 minutes before bedtime, still believe that the previous day to pull the morning of the new – unproductive, and the presentation of thoughts in the text allows you to not drive them already lying in bed. And that’s the way, I think, to adapt the tips from the book for themselves everyone can. I recognize Elrod’s merit in the part that he did give me some new little good habits, but I still think 150 pages is too much for that.