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The Milligan Wars

The Milligan WarsAfter reading the first book “The Minds of Billy Milligan” by Daniel Keyes, about Billy and 23 of the individual living in one body in one head, really wanted to know the continuation of the story. He was very much interested me. And here they had the opportunity. If you compare with the first book, the one I liked more as it is very much bureaucratic delays, documents, links to court decisions, names of judges.

Yes and no intrigue that initially was, when you know nothing about this amazing man. But overall I guess this book is more valuable because it describes the war with the system of bureaucracy and most importantly in all its glory, painted the horrors that are happening in places of detention and psychiatric hospitals. The “treatments” just shock. Although it was interesting to read about another – about occupational therapy, about televisions in cells, about computer, and about the patients walking around the city.

It was a revelation to me. Thanks to the author, who was able to convey the story, in spite of prohibitions, thanks to the translators that brought us her. Of course in the book there are good and bad people who came to Billy.

A lot of the prejudiced, of love and hate, strength and weakness, power and slavery. The harder it is for Billy himself, since its internal forces are opposite to each other. As the man tears apart, can resist the system? This is a book about hope. The only thing that helped a person to stay for this life is hope for a peaceful future, hope for the life that he never had.

It’s safe to say that “The Milligan Wars” is a book about the meaning of life, because the search for this meaning and was the most brutal war Billy for the integrity in which he won. This is a Prime example of what people – more than the body and disease, it is primarily the will to live!

For me, these books – this is another story about the power of the human spirit. In psychology there is the concept of “consciousness of the victim”. So Billy Milligan is the clearest example of how man moves from consciousness of the victim to the consciousness of the Creator. This transition is a nightmare, very painful and lasts for decades, but it took place, and that means Billy is not in vain came into this world.