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The Maze Runner (The Maze Runner, Book 1)

The Maze Runner (The Maze Runner, Book 1)It is unreal beautiful in its brutality and bleakness of a world in which survival is a top priority for the company of teenage boys, each of whom arrived here at the time, having lost memory of the past, understanding where he is and who he is. Now he’s part of a single system, of a society that wants to survive. Each has its own role, everyone knows that the Labyrinth is constantly changing and that to survive in this night is unreal. And these boys (especially those who has not undergone the Transformation and have not found a part of the memories of the past) really want to get out to Cain forever, but sometimes this task seems impossible to madness. Until not one of them came a guy named Thomas, followed by a girl named Teresa. And away we go.

Excellent post-apocalyptic survival, where the reader here and there raises questions, but to ask certain, everything is constantly doing something, running, screaming, again doing something, blood, death, trials, night – cycle is still the same. But this pursuit of the thread of the plot and ideas of the author was not tiring, on the contrary, only fuelled curiosity. The characters are each in its place, each with its own “brand” clearly defined image of the character and fate in this story, which is teeming with horrible monsters, ruthlessness, experiments and puzzles so my favorite style, “something’s obviously happened to us.” In the end, everything will be much darker and three times more tragic than it seemed at the start. This is only the beginning of the story that one day the world we knew has changed forever.

Thomas. All he has left is a name and nothing more. And it’s scary. It is terrible when everything was taken from you and thrown into a strange place full of danger. Anyone would have gone mad. But not Thomas. He is brave, courageous, smart and sometimes reckless. He was ashamed of actions he committed in the past, but I think the guys will forgive him, because he pulled aren’t allowed out of the Maze.

Teresa. Did not manifest itself. With mind all the riddles, know Thomas, the last and starts a new stage, but it actually empty space, as I’d rather she weren’t in the book.

Four walls. Floor, and imitation of the sky. House, Plantation, Slaughterhouse, Cemetery. This Is The Glade. And around him – a giant Maze. Here lives a group of teenagers, each busy with his business – grow fruits/vegetables, provides the glade meat, cooks the food, cleans the yard and looking for a way out of the Maze. Have electricity, food and water, too, in addition every month, the Box-lift brings the necessary things and products. And if someone dies so quickly on its place delivered the new Kid. This order of things there for 2 years, every day, every month, because the main thing in the Glade – order! If not for him, the inhabitants of this world would long ago have gone mad. After all, what is the aren’t allowed is the belief that a Maze is the way out, they have no past – they only know their names; and the future is open to question.