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The Martian Chronicles

The Martian ChroniclesIt has been more than half a century, and wise, poignant, sad and hopeful stories by Bradbury surprisingly modern. Of course, in those days, 60 years ago, at the dawn of space exploration it seemed that in the 2000s, Mars probably will be conquered. But these years were history, and Mars and remains for humanity is an unattainable dream.

And the rest of the world develops rapidly, and even the visionary master of science fiction once could not imagine the emergence of some modern technologies. Not to mention the fact that until recently there was a time when racial equality seemed impossible. Bradbury believed it then, in 1950, that he will have time to see a black President of America? Yes, something may seem old fashioned, only in this book and does not need special sophisticated technology, because the essence is not in them.

The point is that some things never change. Human nature, alas, imperfect, and remains so at all times, whether on Mars or on Earth. Brutality, lust for power, disrespect for a foreign culture — 60 years later people are all the same. And in the ability to see this is striking relevance of Bradbury at all times. But on Earth and on Mars always will be someone — even one person — who will speak in behalf of the light that is in each of us. Such singles still keeps the human race. Bradbury himself was one of them.

The Martian Chronicles” has been built in a specially-designed series of small sketches, stories, and in each subsequent passage refers to or stands for the previous part of the story, tension and philosophy are growing, growing, increasing, crescendo is the point. And it seems to me, not all the connotations I get, not all the layers have mastered. But what is missed in the head, much affected. Again, I don’t know how Bradbury does it, but after his books long walk with a bag of whack, think about the meaning of life, about humanity, about the fact that people do not change for centuries, what were, such and remained. Technical progress is not worth anything, especially when you think about the instincts and the ego.

It’s amazing how full-length novel can be a collection of short stories. In the framework of one fantastic novel in front of us many instructions of different directions, but the farther I read the more it takes shape and meaning, though in the end it still seems that you do not understand.