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The Lost Symbol: (Robert Langdon Book 3)

The Lost Symbol (Robert Langdon Book 3)About the masons and brown in previous books mentioned, but has done so specifically in this book. Not without fanatic schizophrenic who threatens one and all to reveal the great mysteries of all humanity, from which we will in shock. Honestly, I don’t quite understand what all the fuss that this would prove to all the crazy malach, but that’s probably OK.

Langdon again embroiled in a mystery that he never had any relationship. And he is the only one currently able to unravel an ancient code, hidden somewhere under a layer of something there is, in principle, as always. What I like detectives brown is the rapidity of events. All the action takes place during the day, and sometimes less. The plot is so dynamic that not even notice as you swallow the book in a few hours. But the Professor would not have coped alone with all these codes, if not a partner partner. As always it’s a woman. Why are his companions always female?

Who is the main villain decided from the very beginning. The main question – why he hates the master-Mason, Peter Solomon. Why he takes revenge on him by trying to kill his entire family? Solving the mysteries of the masons and the motives of a crazy guy, Langdon again have to hide from law enforcement. Professor Robert will soon be a Professor at thirty-third degree in the pursuit from the police. In the previous book was Interpol, in this is the CIA. A little confused experiments with weighing thoughts. Surely, everyone knows the experience of weighing twenty-one grams of soul that leaves the human body at the time of death. Funny. I believe in the materiality of thought, but in this regard I’m a skeptic. Thought is weightless. As the soul.