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The Lord Of The Rings

The Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R. TolkienA descendant of an ancient and noble family, a Gondor nobleman of the highest order. Attached honor, respect and the complete absence of any financial and domestic problems. On one hand. On the other hand, the corresponding noble ambition is also attached… but here everything is not easy.

Rod Faramir is a genus of Gondor Governors. Which in the absence of the king, sent the Supreme power, but the kings are not and even can not claim. In childhood and adolescence preizryadno annoying (and in the book there is a proof). The maturity is held, but before maturity more well need to survive. Faramir hasn’t lived yet. And his role in society is described by an anecdotal phrase”unloved younger brother of the successor of the Royal Governor.” It’s not my wit exercise, it’s a pure fact. A little more than one.

The political weight of such a figure is enough at most for the analysis of peasant disputes on the question of who to plow and sow in the Zadrishchenskaya hollow. Being a high-born nobleman, Faramir passed the first-class military training-he is an excellent fighter and a very intelligent officer (according to our concepts, the commander of a separate battalion of special forces).

But … in Gondor such a dime a dozen, among the offspring of other noble families Faramir nothing special stands out and he understands it. Moreover, he does not stand out against the background of his older brother Boromir, who won the genetic lottery heroic physique and with whom there is nothing even to think to equal to the military unit. It is not only Faramir himself who understands this.

The father evaluates the quality of its military. Valar was not deprived of Faramir diplomatic talents. In its place, he could not grow a restrained, cautious, and very careful (not to let Morgoth, not to inadvertently blurt out some hint or something). Here he is the older brother — and his father Denethor, if we speak honestly! – one time. But… with the mission of the North sending him and Boromir. By the way, this is a very interesting point. Mission was trifling: to take the heard prophecy, to get interpretation, to achieve the moral support stated publicly aloud to Gondor in its opposition with Mordor. All! Faramir would have performed very easily, even if he was drunk. However, denetor sends Boromir instead of him, clearly wishing to show and identify his successor.

Faramir received an excellent education, the final grinding of which was engaged in Gandalf himself. However, he did it in a peculiar, in a completely inimitable manner — to dump on the huge pile of information brought up without any comments, to disappear for months, upon return to scold the initiative brought up for lack, to dump a new heap of information and so on. But he did Polish it.

And while the diplomatic genius Boromir floated in his funeral rook, the younger brother at his own risk solved the problem with the Ring in his hands just in the interests of elven politics. The reward for this moral choice was him a warm paternal feelings Denethor. Who first said everything I thought about the “henchman of the sorcerer” (and, presumably, not in such parliamentary terms, as described in the book!), and then sent in a completely meaningless and frankly suicide RAID. This is to the question of how he valued the military talents of his younger son.

Than this idea came to an end, it was partly already mentioned. Denethor committed suicide under strange circumstances, and Faramir after the RAID, survived miraculously and this is not a figure of speech, but for his salvation it was indeed manifest the most miracles.