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The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe does not require submissions. About him know everything. It is not only the debut novel by Daniel Defoe, but also the debut novel in all of English literature, marked the beginning of such a popular genre as Robinson Crusoe. A distinctive feature of the genre is the existentialism of the individual outside of society and the antagonism of man and nature. Additionally, Robinson Crusoe is a serious and meaningful books with hidden subtext and allusions, and for the mere opening of a genre Daniel Defoe deserves a place next to the inventors of fire, the wheel and the iPhone.

Robinson Crusoe – economic Robinson Crusoe (the fact that the novel was written during the great geographical discoveries and the bourgeois revolutions, and these two phenomena have become the basis for one of the world’s most popular books). In addition, Defoe tries to reveal the purpose of human existence, according to the author lies in the creative work and the transformation of nature into man. Typical of the Protestant worldview, which is not surprising because the England of that period was one of the most Protestant countries.

However, from persons Friday, Defoe as if questioning the very religion of Christ and has on the most vulnerable place – the dualism of good and evil (God and Devil, Allah and Shaitan). The relationship of Robinson and Friday is generally a separate topic worthy of a thesis. On the Internet I met bredebro version about sexual orientation Friday.

Actually Friday was a “normal guy”, just Defoe, as a typical European, was any native as a slave, who is obliged to worship and serve the “white” person. This fact influenced the fact that Friday had no name but that which gave him “the master.” Very impressed by the fact that the book is written in first person, and the most interesting that her first publication was anonymous. Thus the reader has the impression that the book is written by Robinson Crusoe and based on real events. This is what contributed to the rabid popularity of the novel during the life of Defoe.

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