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The Leopard by Jo Nesbo

Jo Nesbo is the master of confusing detectives. All attempts to identify the killer and motive are doomed to failure. Moreover, the writer manages to keep the suspense until literally the final scene, which is doubly difficult when you consider the volume of the book – over 600 pages. «The Leopard» is a series about detective Harry Hole, but in principle can be read as a separate book. Some crossing points can be traced only with the previous part of the cycle with the «The Snowman».

So, the plot revolves around the Norwegian police officer Harry Hole, who, after the sensational case of the Snowman decided to retire. The rest, however, is quite relative – hide and seek with the Hong Kong mafia, drugs, attempts to escape from themselves and from work. However, as we know, ex-police do not happen, and soon Harry is embroiled in the investigation of a rather strange cases: the alleged serial killer, does not have its own handwriting and leaves no residue, seems to defy the professionalism of Harry.

The police line is very well developed: in addition to the actual steps of the investigation, you can learn many interesting things, for example, the commandments Harry Hole. It is a pity that in “the Leopard” is named only 3 out of 10, but perhaps in other parts of the series are described and the others. It is also interesting confrontation between the two organizations: the criminal investigation Department and homicide do compete with each other. Well described types of police officers and criminologists. In principle, in this line there is nothing illogical: a couple of events seem to be strange coincidences, but overall, the story looks thought out.

The second important line is personal life Harry. This can be attributed to his relationship with women and family troubles. How professional he is at work, so unlucky in personal life. One eye will look into the childhood of the famous police: early loss of mother, cautious friendship with Castroism, family trips to the mountains, few friends. He became a loner as a child , and with age the gap with people only increases. He watches, calculates, sees through ruthless killers, but when it comes to loved ones, Harry goes blind. A new attempt and a new pain.

Another interesting feature – a few fragmentary chapters from the killer’s face. They seem to bring the reader to the solution, give insight into the plans of a maniac, create the effect of polyphony, but at the same time, confusing the story more, since multiple revelations of criminal to look so hazy and unclear that even after reading I didn’t get to build in my head a clear picture of what is happening. In General, these inclusions give the text the blood and violence, because the author here is not restricted to conscious good citizen.