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The Kill Switch: A Tucker Wayne Novel

The Kill Switch by James RollinsTucker and his four-legged friend Kane begin a new adventure! In the book, in which the dog is described as this, so felt the author’s love of animals that many readers thinking seriously about the institution of the dog.

But let’s go back to the book. Of course, as always, Rollins pleases details, descriptions and twisted clever plot. But there is more action and drive, more chase and persecution, a lot of freelance situation and brilliant their resolution.

Also we will see again a stunning story and a masterful style of writing of a professional. It is very difficult to break away from the book and to stop for some things, I want to sit and read, read, read. James Rollins always keeps in suspense until the very end. Sometimes such stories are very useful to dilute your life, head, thoughts. It absolutely does not load and does not require the understanding of each written phrase or dialogue.

So everything is clear the author writes, even on scientific topics that you understand how simple it is. And the questions in his books he always raises relevant – about the death of the planet, nature, people, our future, the dangers of life at last! If you have nothing to read, you can start with his individual works, and with the series, for example about the squad “Sigma”.