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The Kill Order (Prequel)

The Kill Order (Prequel)I’m a little disappointed. The prequel does not answer almost any questions. In addition to the mysteries of the virus. This is mostly the story of how Teresa got into a VICE. All. A Chapter on Thomas and why he is called Thomas. Although there is a problem. It is not excluded that I haven’t been reading very carefully, wanting to know what happened next, but in dreams, in memories of Thomas, his mother called him by this name, and then BAM, and employees of the DEFECT it is called in honor of the flashing. Well, something like that, not really.

If we turn a blind eye, why not explain the choice of name for Teresa? To Blemish her name is Didi, and I’m sure that Teresa, because this story explains furiously irritated me in the whole trilogy bordering on inadequate commitment to Defect, no matter what. Before this book, when Teresa died, I was not sorry. She is admired by many readers, and I didn’t like her. I, like Thomas, could not forgive her betrayal. If Thomas and Teresa the best and the brightest, why Thomas doubts, but Teresa can’t? Well, it is clear that the narrative was from the point of view of Thomas and what was going through Teresa’s in the skull pass was difficult, but I believe that it was possible. Although, the culprit could be my carelessness. With this book I was able to take Theresa.

Compared with the previous books the story is much less dynamic and boring, the contrast is read more slowly. Thought will not do. I understand that writing a good obisnuia for history need to work hard, especially when you do not left for this moves initially, but Dashner in my opinion not even trying.